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1 Peter 1:3 “. . . [God] who beget us again . . .”

Woman is not the birther in 1 Peter 1:3 but, rather, God the Father, the One after whom woman’s giving birth is patterned.  God, on the one hand, creates all things and so births all things whereas, on the other hand, women are the physical medium of this spiritual birthing.

Where is the spirit or who can say from where the soul arrives? No medical procedure will ever turn up some substance called the spirit or soul.  Only the Spirit births spirits; only the Holy Spirit births spirits of endless variety.

Humans think too lowly and narrowly about the nature of birth even if calling birth a real miracle.  Mircle, indeed, for as many humans have a spirit, there are likewise that many miracles.  Birth is an interruption in the flow of time and space for at this moment God intervenes, heaven meets earth, and a divine kiss happens with a new spirit born alive.  Women contain in themselves a unique presencing of God while He weaves His creational work of birthing a new spirit together with the woman’s body’s physical weaving of a new baby.

It is truly amazing that God does not fully override personality qualities of the parent when birthing this new spirit.  No, God incorporates, by means of genes and DNA, some personality qualities of the parents (parent spirits) into the newly born baby (newly born spirit).  What freedom is this that God partners with woman (and man) in making this new baby (spirit).  But all parents know that there is something different about their children, differnt from them.  What is this we see in these personalities of our children that are so different from our own? Are we not seeing a glimpse of God, the Orginator of all human personality?

Woman, giving birth, do a dance with the Divine, sub-creating with Him. Women are not the source of the new creation of lives but are bearers of miracles, coordinated with God, even as David said (Ps. 139:13):

For you formed my inward parts;

you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.